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An Teallach was founded in Toronto in 2014 by Scottish-Canadian artist Fiona McLean in reaction to the proliferation of mass production and the difficulty one faces securing quality artisanal work in the international marketplace combined with a love for art and desire to engage in the tactile processes of silversmithing and jewellery. As makers of fine hand crafted jewellery our approach is fundamentally modernist. All work is original and independently handmade.


An Teallach is Scottish Gaelic for 'the anvil' or 'the forge'. It is also the name of a mountain range in northwest Scotland that takes its name from the light cast upon the range and its resemblance to the colour of the anvil. There are 3 peaks at An Teallach, the fairest of the 3 named Sgurr Fiona. As one might imagine the jewellery all but named itself.


Fiona is a Material Art and Design student at OCADU in the Faculty of Design currently in pursuit of a BFA. 


CV Film and Visual Effects

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